Mary Alice Bright Obituary, 1939

Mary Alice Bright and Laura Jane Bright Lytle



FRIDAY, JUNE 2, 1939 

Obituary of Miss Mary Bright

            Miss Mary Alice Bright, second daughter of Charles and Rachel Elizabeth Bright, was born at Tremont, Illinois, January 2, 1865, and passed away at her home at ten o’clock Monday forenoon, May 22, 1939, aged 74 years, 4 months and 20 days.

Coming to Nebraska with her parents and three sisters in May, 1969, Miss Mary had lived seventy years in this home.  She confessed her faith in Christ November 1888, and became a member of the Prairie Union Baptist church and was a faithful worker to the last.

The many years of service and loving devotion, Miss Mary gave to her parents, brothers, and sisters and their families, has set her as a jewel apart, and leaves to those who mourn her passing, an inspiration to give more of self to those in sorrow, or in pain, and to remember that:

Beautiful hands are they that do

The work of the noble, good and true

Beautiful feet are they that go

Bravely to lighten another’s woe.

Laura and Mary Bright, Pekin, Illinois, 1866

To one niece, Mrs. Edith McKenney, who was reared in the home, Miss Mary gave a mother’s love and devotion.  In truth, she was second mother to all her nephews and nieces.

Her death is the first in the family of nine children, leaving four sisters, four brothers and a large number of nieces and nephews to mourn.

Above is the obituary of Miss Mary read as a part of the funeral service at Prairie Union Baptist church Wednesday afternoon.  The funeral was conducted by the present pastor, Rev. Harold Sweezey, assisted by a former pastor, Rev. J. F. Teel of Osage, Kan.

Theme for sermon “Heaven Has the Cure,” using Relelations 21:4.

Scripture reading two verses from each chapter of the 20th and 21st chapter of Revelations; also 14th chapter of Job; and also from Book of Isaiah, “Come and Follow Me.”

Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Kimsey sang: “Does Jesus Care,” “One Sweetly Solemn Thought,” “Good Night and Good Morning.”  Miss Camilla Haskins was the accompanist.

The flower bearers and pall bearers were the same as for Miss Mary’s mother’s funeral May 15.

Flower bearers: Mrs. Robert Bright, Mrs. Francis Murphy, Mrs. John Bright, Miss Eileen Bright, Miss Nedra Bright and Miss Rachel Bright.  The floral tribute was beautiful.  From the sisters and brothers was a double spray of red roses, calla lilies and snapdragons, with the wording “Sister Mary.”  From nephews and nieces a spray of bronze snapdragons and calla lilies.  Flowers from Prairie Union church and from many friends.

Pall bearers: Robert Bright, Donald Bright, Myron Bright, Neil Bright, John Bright and Lloyd Bright.  Burial was in Prairie Union cemetery.

On the day of the funeral Prairie Union ladies prepared the family dinner which was served by Mrs. Bert Steadman, Mrs. Ralph Evans and other nieces.

Miss Mary had been sick nearly a month, and was unable to be present at the funeral services for her mother.  She rallied the next few days but on Sunday a change came and she steadily failed until the end came.  With her at the last were three brothers and four sisters: the brother Arthur of Chualar, California, being the only one absent.  Other surviving brothers and sisters are:

seated: Laura (Lol), Clarissa (Cad) and Mary (Mate) Bright, standing: Cora (Coe) and Amy (Ame) Bright

Mrs. Laura Lytle of Tulsa

Mrs. Clara Steadman

Mrs. C. D. Evans of Falls City

Mrs. John G. Evans

Norman Bright

Charles E. Bright of near Dawson

Clarence E. Bright

By Miss Mary’s death, the home that was established seventy years ago on the Nebraska prairie by her parents was broken up.  The big white house built fifty nine years ago, will now be occupied by the son Clarence and his children Donald, Neil and Miss Nedra who have been living in the near by cottage.

The furnishing were distributed among the sons and daughters to be in their homes, or to be passed on to their children, as a remembrance of happy days with Grandpa and Grandma and Aunt Mary.  Among the cherished remembrances are the many beautiful quilts which the beloved mother busied herself in piecing over a long period of the declining years.

In Appreciation

            We are very appreciative of the kindness that was bestowed upon our beloved sister, Miss Mary Bright, during her illness, and with grateful hearts we extend our sincere thanks to the many friends who so thoughtfully ministered to us and gave us sympathy at the time of her death.

The Bright Family


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