Minnie Elsie Timerman Bright Obituary, 1938

Neil, Minnie and Donald Bright



Tribute to Mrs. Clarence Bright

             Mrs. Bright was greatly interested in the education of her children, and last summer was made very happy by the honors Miss Nedra was awarded in 4 H club work.  She had passed through many severe illnesses with pneumonia, but her life was spared until all her children had finished district school; all were sent to high school.  Donald and Neil have finished school, and now are valuable assistants to the father in the home and with the farm.  Miss Nedra, the youngest of the children, is a sophomore at Shubert, and in respect to her, the class was dismissed Friday afternoon for the funeral.  The floral offering included a spray of pink roses from “Faculty and Sophomores of Shubert.”

 Card of Appreciation

             To the many who had a participation in our sorrow, we wish in this way to express our sincere appreciation.  For all the tender solicitude for our beloved wife and mother during her illness, for your kindly assistance, and tender sympathy, we are deeply grateful.  To all those who brought flowers, or who thought of us in any way at the time of her death and burial, we want you to know of the comfort that came to us from you kindness and sympathy.

Clarence E. Bright,

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Murphy and children,

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bright,

Donald, Neil and Nedra.

 Obituary of Mrs. Bright

 Mrs. Clarence E. Bright passed away at eight o’clock Wednesday morning, January 5, 1938, of pneumonia after an illness of ten days.  She made brave efforts to overcome her sickness, but the pneumonia was too strong for her to resist.

Minnie Elsie Timerman was the youngest daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Frank Timerman.  She was born March 18, 1887, on the Timerman farm a mile south of the farm where she had resided for over twenty years.

Her marriage to Clarence E. Bright was in Falls City, August 13, 1903.  They lived in Oklahoma and Kansas for a short time, and the remainder of her life was spent in this community.

Minnie, Clarence and Robert Bright on the Bright homestead near Shubert, Nebraska

Mr. Bright and five children survive as follows:

Norma, who is the wife of Francis Murphy of Falls City;;

Robert E. Bright of Auburn;

Donald, Neil and Miss Nedra are at home.

The two little  grandchildren, James and Barbara Murphy of Falls City, Mrs. Bright loved as her own.

One brother and one sister survive: Amos Timerman and Mrs. Charles Noa.

Mrs. Bright possessed the fine characteristics of home making, and her kind and loving disposition endeared her not only to family and relatives, but to a large circle of admiring friends.  She was a devoted wife and mother, and gave her time and strength to the comfort and welfare of those near and dear.

With her children, Mrs. Bright had a happy disposition in encouraging them in home duties, in school, and in putting their best efforts in all their undertakings.

The great sorrow that has come to Mr. Bright will be lessened by the teaching and loving kindness this splendid mother imparted and left indelibly upon the minds of her children, whose lives in turn will reflect goodness and helpfulness back to their bereaved father, and be a consolation to him in the sorrowful days that are to follow.

Funeral services were held at Prairie Union church Friday afternoon at two by the pastor, Rev. Harold Sweezey who read he above obituary; and at close of the obituary read the beautiful poem below, composed in memory of Mrs. Bright by Miss Anastasia Murphy of Falls City, sister of Francis Murphy.

Minnie Bright bathing Neil as Donald looks on

Peacefully she rests, and the smile that adorns her face,

Is one of the joys she has found since in His grace.

The happiness, the joys, we shared with her on earth,

Are priceless treasures, thus each day shall prove their worth.

So may her voice tho’ every still echo each day,

To cheer our hearts when sadness comes upon our way.

          Rev. Sweezey preached a sermon that was expressive of the life of Mrs. Bright, using the theme “If a Man Shall Die, Shall He Life Again?” His text was from Job. He read from the scriptures the first ten verses of twenty-first chapter of Revelations; and First Corinthians 15:35 44.

Rev. Sweezy stated that the life of a beautiful Christian mother can never die, and that her influence is reflected dow the ages, through her habits, personality and influence.

Miss Dorothy Duey presided at the piano.  Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Evans, Frank Evans and Mrs. Sweezey sang “The Old Rugged Cross” and “My Faith Looks Up to Thee.”  Rev. and Mrs. Sweezey sang “Shadows.”

Burial was a Prairie Union cemetery. The pall bearers were six nephews: Milo Ball and Earl Karsten of Falls City; Howard Griffiths of Verdon; Cecil Noa, Howard and Carl Timerman.

The flower bearers were a friend, Mrs. Jess Farmer; and five nieces, Mrs. Milo Ball, Mrs. Earl Karsten, Mrs. Howard Griffiths , Mrs. Cecil Noa, and Mrs. Howard Timerman.

The casket was beautiful with a magnificent floral tribute. Seldom in this community, have there been so many tributes from friends and relatives. Approximately twenty-five different sprays, representing more than a hundred names.

The tribute from the family was a large spray of Talisman roses with the word “Mother;”

From James and Barbara Jean Murphy a spray of red roses with the word “Grandma;”

From Prairie Union church was a spray of tea roses; from the “Project Club: and “The Neighbors” a spray of white lilies and pink roses;

From a distance came white carnations and pink roses from Mrs. Bright’s relatives, the Shucks at Guide Rock;

From Mr. and Mrs. Vern McKenney and Miss Vernelle of Chicago, his parents and sister Miss Vera of Falls City was a spray of red roses.

A spray of snapdragons from Mr. and Mrs. Ed Gillard of Auburn, their family and friends;

A spray of snapdragons, rose buds and carnations from Hested Stores of Auburn.

Rev. Sweezey held a prayer service at the home preceding the departure to the church. A large company of relatives and friends were at the funeral.

standing: Elvira and Amos Timerman, Charles and Lydia Noa, Clarence Bright, Frank Timerman, Minnie Bright seated: Sabilla McDowell, Elise Griffith, Margaret Ball and Ollie Timerman


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