Augustus Buntz Family

Ray and Emma Helen (Buntz) Gilfillan

Augustus Buntz (1806-1907) was the father of August Jacob Buntz (1846-1935), who was the father of Emma Helen Buntz (1887-1968), who was the mother of Clyda Colene Gilfillan (1922-2010), who was Curt Bright’s grandmother.

Augustus was married to Jacobina Hiller in Nabern, Wurttemburg, 19 April 1831. They left Nabern 26, Sept 1846. Because of bad weather, the trip took 3 months, arriving in NY Dec 1846, going to Callicoon or Youngsville, Sullivan Co, NY. She gave birth to her 5th child 26 Dec 1846, Augustus Jacob, in Callicoon. I have no idea what became of their parents.

The chilidren were:

1. John, b 4 Sept 1833, m Margaret Tasuch, came to Holt Co, MO in 1855, d 7 Aug 1872.

2. Wilhelmina b 6 Aug 1832, m John George Fries, 3 Nov 1850, came to Holt Co 1870 with 8 children (more or less, a little girl died before they left NY, I believe 2 d in Holt Co). I descend from their son Joseph.

3.  Michael, b 11 Nov 1838, m 1. Margaret Braunhardt, 2 Katherine Jesson. He d 18 Jul 1916.

4. Jacob (Jack) Buntz. He was b 3 Jun 1841, m ?, d 4 Jan 1914, Chase, Rice Co., Lincoln Twsp, KS. I don’t know a lot about him but they were a very loved family, according to the newspaper account. I think there was visiting back and forth between the Mo/Ks cousins.

5.  Augustus Jacob b 26 Dec 1846, Callicoon, Sullivan Co., NY, m 4 Nov ?, l. Mary Bucher, by her had 10 children, 2. m Amanda Dungan, both in Holt Co. He came to Holt Co in late 1860’s. I have that he served in the Union Army Vols. I don’t know from what state, but would be interesting for you to find out. I have more on his children if you need it, Mary was born in Kosiusko, Indiana.  They didn’t seem to stay in Holt Co as much as the other cousins. There are still many Buntz descendants in Holt Co, near Oregon, which is the County seat, and where the Buntz settled. I’m sure the brothers were responsible for their sister and John Fries to come to Holt Co. It was a large community of Germans. If you live in Oregon area, you are aware of a lot of the history, so won’t repeat. From research, those German immigrants to Sullivan Co., were not equipped to live in that rural area, which was still frontier, and very difficult to farm.

Jacobina Hiller’s family was also related to my Fuchs (Fox) line, some of whom also came to Holt Co., from Sullivan Co. They were hard working men and achieved success and respect which is still true there in MO. When I “finished” my research several years ago my daughter and I visited the areas where all my German ancestors had come from. The name was spelled Bunc or Bunz in the early church records. They originally were from Bissinger unter Teck, which is just across the road from Nabern unter Teck, both of them very tiny agriculture villages. They were all very poor. Augustus family moved across the road to Nabern where the Hillers lived and where Augustus and Jacobina were m. We had a marvelous time in Nabern and were given the royal treatment by remaining Hiller family. That’s another story.

My records don’t go beyond names of the children of these men… you have to stop some where. Holt Co has a very active Historical Society, and these Buntz were very early citizens.

Sergia Dunlap


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