Bright Family Reunion, 1921

1925 Bright Reunion

September 2, 1921

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bright held a reunion at their home Sunday when the nine children with husbands and wives were present. The entire company numbered 54, and included grandchildren and great grandchildren. Mrs. Bright’s nephew and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Roberts of Nemaha, Mr. Bright’s niece, Mrs. Amy Perry of Topeka and a nephew, Ernest Bright, and his family. Rank Lytle’s sister, Mrs. Mary Conover of Verdon, was the only on present who is not related to Mr. and Mrs. Bright. Thirty near relatives, grandchildren and families could not be present. The children are Mrs. Rank Lytle of Tulsa, Oklahoma, who is accompanied here by Mr. Lytle, Minnie and Glenn; Miss Mary Bright, Mrs. Will Steadman of Verdon, Mrs. Chester D. Evans, Mrs. John G. Evans, Norman S. Bright, Charles E. Bright; Arthur Bright of Gentry, Arkansas; Clarence Bright. An elaborate dinner was served cafeteria style from a table in the dining room, and eaten on the shady lawn. Each family took supplies for the dinner. Ernest Bright took pictures of the nicely set table, and also took pictures of the relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Bright came from Illinois, and have lived on the same farm for 52 years. Both are past 80, well and active for their years. The family circle of children has never been broken. This is the first all have been together for many years.

Brothers Charles, Levi and Caleb Bright


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