Charles Bright Passes Away

Charles Bright Passes Away

Charles and Rachel Bright

The death of Charles Bright at 10:05 Friday evening, July 31, 1931, was the first to break the family circle of parents and nine children. Mr. Bright was ninety years old last April. He was born at Tremont, Illinois, April 22, 1841. Mrs. Bright, who is eight months older, is ninety-one years old this month. She is up and about and active, and in good health for her years. Mr. and Mrs. Bright were married sixty-nine years ago last January, and have lived continuously on the same farm for sixty-two years.
Mrs. Bright was Miss Rachel Elizabeth McDermed. The wedding was in Illinois, January 22, 1862.
All the nine children were with the father during his last illness. They are: Mrs. Laura Lytle of Tulsa, Oklahoma, who is spending the summer at the parental home; Miss Mary Bright, who resides at home, and has cared most faithfully for her parents; Clara, who is Mrs. William Steadman of Shubert; Cora, who is Mrs. C.D. Evans of Falls City; Amy, who is Mrs. J.G. Evans of Shubert; Norman S., residing in Stella; Charles E. Arthur L. and Clarence of near Stella.
From the list of children, it will be seen that first the parents were blessed with five little girls, before their boys came.
Mr. and Mrs. Bright, with four little girls, the youngest a baby, came to Nebraska from Illinois with two covered wagons in May, 1869, and the day they arrived in their new state was May 10, which was the date that the east and west were joined by the first transcontinental railroad, sixty-two years ago the past May. They stayed with relatives until they could get a home fixed up on a raw quarter of prairie land, east of where is now Stella, and there made one of the most beautiful and productive farms in this locality, and since 1925 a graveled road, known as Highway No. 73 has bordered the south side of the farm.
With Mrs. Bright, the children, twenty-nine grandchildren, thirty-eight great-grandchildren, and in-laws, the survivors of Mr. Brightís immediate family number more than a hundred; and with the exception of Mrs. Lytle and some of her children, all live near, or comparatively so, to the Bright home. ìGoing to Grandpaísî was a big event for the little folks as grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and as they grew older this pleasure never grew less. All through the years, after the children ìleft the home nest,î Mr. and Mrs. Bright
and Mary have never lacked for companionship for those near and dear. And, though the family is large, all keep in touch, and there is the closest bond of love and tenderness.
With the death of Mr. Bright, the community loses one of its oldest citizens, a man of splendid integrity, upright and honorable. The life he has led has been an inspiration to the members of his family, as well as to his many friends.
When Mr. Bright and family fist came to Nebraska, they stayed at the home of a cousin, John Fisher; grand-father of Dwight Fisher, and father of Mrs. A.B. Kinton.

Charles Bright

The funeral service was held at the home Monday morning at 10:30. Rev. M. Bailey of Prairie Union preached the sermon from the 23rd Psalm. Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Kimsey, Mrs. Dwight Fisher and W. L. Evans sang ìGod Will Take Care of You,î ìDoes Jesus Care,î and ìThe Old Rugged Cross.î The body was laid to rest in the family plot in Prairie Union cemetery.
The flower bearers were Mrs. Roy Wilson, Mrs. Bert Steadman, Mrs. Constance Randall, Mrs. Gordon Teall, Mrs. Vern McKenney, and Mrs. Cecil Kroh.
The pall bearers were Roy Wilson, Vern McKenney, Cecil Kroh, Bert Steadman, Ralph Evans and Dr. Gordon Teall.
Among those present at the funeral Mrs. Elmer Mercer and son Ralph of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Mrs. Mercer is Miss Edna Lytle. Lawrence Wilson, who has been working in Tulsa and in Oklahoma the last few months came with them.
Mr. and Mrs. Vern McKenney and Pernelle of Kansas City.
Mrs. Constance Randall and sons Burt and Gail of Unadilla.
Mrs. Amy Perry and son Wayland of Wakarusa, Kansas.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wilson of Auburn.
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Murphy and son Jimmie of Falls City.


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