The Pendleton Family of Culpeper County, Virginia

Phillip Pendleton (1654-1721) was the father of Henry Pendleton (1683-1721), who was the father of Phillip Pendleton (1704-1778), who was the father of Micajah Pendleton (1758-1844), who was the father of Rev. Joseph Pendleton (1780-1840), who was the father of James Vance Pendleton (1816-1870), who was the father of Ann Elizabeth Pendleton Gibson (1843-1928), who was the mother of Albert Gaines Gibson (1871-1922), who was the father of Idabel Amanda Gibson Williams (1892-1983), who was the mother of Jeanette Anne Williams Bright (1921-1968), who was Curt Bright’s grandmother.

The following excerpt is from “Genealogical and Historical Notes on Culpeper County, Virginia”.


(Revised and corrected by Mrs. Mary Dunnica Micou.)

         The first of the name of Pendleton who came to the Colony of Virginia to make their home (in 1674) were two young men, Philip Pendleton, a teacher, and Nathaniel, his brother, a clergyman.  The latter died very soon, unmarried; he evidently held no clerical charge in the Colony, as his name has never been given among the lists of the clergy of that time.  Philip returned to England about 1680; tradition says he married a lady of high social position, but she died, and he returned to the Colony, and in 1682 married Isabella Hurt (or Hert or Hart) and from this marriage are descended all the Pendletons of Virginia.

         Philip was born in Norwich, England, in 1650, son of Henry Pendleton, 3rd son of Henry Pendleton, son and heir of George Pendleton, Gentleman, who married Elizabeth Pettingall, daughter of John Pettingall, Gentleman of Norwich, England.  George Pendleton moved from Manchester to Norwich in 1613.  His son and heir, Henry, probably married Susan _____ because in Vol. 48 of the New England Hist. and Gen. Register, is found a copy of the will of Sir John Pettus, Knight, of Norwich, Jan. 1613, which says: “Appoint my cousin, Henry Pendleton, Supravisor of my estate.”  Also Thomas Pettus, of Calstree, St. Edmonds’ Norfolk, Oct. 1618, “To my Cousins, Henry Pendleton and Susan, his wife, annuity out of my houses &c. in Norwich.”  This family of Pettus is the same as the one in Virginia.  The Pendletons were originally from Manchester, where the name was well known, some of them being in public life as early as the reign of Henry VIII.

The Coat of Arms used by the Pendletons of Norwich and by the emigrant, Philip, indicate by the presence of Escallop shells and by the Cardinal’s chapeau, in the Crest, a connection with Crusader traditions.  The new England Pendletons, descendants of of Brian Pendleton, came from Lancaster, and show a different Coat of Arms.   Philip Pendleton is said to have settled in New Kent County, but there is no record of the family on the Register of St. Peter’s Parish; he probably lived always in the portion called afterwards Caroline county, the records were burnt during the war of ’61-65.  Most of his descendants settled in counties to the north of New Kent.  He died in 1721, the same year his oldest son Henry died, and the same year his grandson, the emigrant Judge Edmund Pendleton, was born.  He had three sons and four daughters, two of his family married into the family of James Taylor, of Carlisle, England, and by other intermarriages, a close connection with the Taylor family has been preserved.  Some of his descendents were among the founders of St. Marks’ Parish.


         Gules, an inescutcheon, argent, between four escallop shells in saltire.

         Or, Crest, on a chapeau gules, turned up ermine, a demi-dragon, wings inverted, or holding an escallop shell argent.

PHILLIP PENDLETON, born in Norwich, England, 1650, emigrated to the Colonies in 1674, visited England in 1680, returning, married in 1682 Isabella Hurt or Hart, and died in 1721. issue:

1. Henry, born 1683, married Mary, daughter of James Taylor, of Carlisle, England, 1701.  He died May 1721. His wife married 2nd Ed. Watkins, died 1770.

2, Elizabeth, married Samuel Clayton, of Caroline County; issue: Philip, of “Catalpa.”

3. Rachael, married John Vass.

4. Catherine, married John Taylor; issue: “John Taylor of Caroline”? U.S.S.

5. John, born 1691, died 1773, married ____ Tinsley, of Madison County, removed to Amherst County.

6. Isabella, married Richard Thomas.

7. Philip, married Elizabeth Pollard.

HENRY PENDLETON, eldest son of Philip Pendleton, the emigrant, and Isabella Hart or Hurt, was born 1683.  He married in 1701, Mary Taylor, daughter of James Taylor, of Carlisle, England, and his 2nd wife Mary Gregory.  Henry was 18 and Mary 13 years of age.  He died in 1721, the same year his youngest son, Edmund, was born.  His wife married 2nd Ed. Watkyns and died 1770.  Of his five sons, the oldest, James, and the third, Nathaniel, were for many years Clerks of the Vestry and lay reader at the small chapels of St. Marks’ Parish; and Philip, the son of James, was Clerk in 1782, when the Vestry books closed.  His two daughters married brothers, James and William Henry Gaines.  His youngest son, Edmund, though without a father’s care, made for himself a name which will be known and remembered as long as Virginia’s sons read her history.  By his large circle of nephews and nieces, many of them his own age, he was loved and revered, and the tradition of his kindness and ever ready help is handed down through nearly every branch of the family.

Almost all the Pendletons of Virginia trace their descent to Henry Pendleton and Mary Taylor; their issue were:

1. James, born 1702, married ____ issue: James, Henry, Philip, Annie, married Taylor.

2. Philip, married Martha ___ and dying 1778, left 15 children (five of them daughters) who intermarried with Gaines, Barbour, Thomas, Turner, &c.

3. Nathaniel, born 1715, married his second cousin, daughter of Philip Clayton.  He died 1794, in Culpeper County, Virginia.

4. John, born 1719, died 1799; Burgess from King and Queen, 1795: married 1st Miss James; issue: Edmund, John, Elizabeth, and Mary; married 2nd Sarah Madison (cousin of President James Madison); issue: Henry, Sarah, James, Lucy and Thomas.

5. Edmund, born September 1721, died at Richmond, Virginia, October 1803; patriot and jurist; married twice; 1st 1743, Elizabeth Roy, who died the same year; 2nd, 1743 Sarah Pollard.  There are on record in the Virginia Land Reg. Office grants in hi name numbering nearly 10,000 acres of land.

6. Mary, married James Gaines.

7. Isabella, married William H. Gaines.  She was the grandmother of General Edmund Pendleton Gaines, U.S.A.

PHILIP PENDLETON, was born about 1704 or 1705.  The record of his residence and the names of some of his children is lost; he probably lived in Caroline county, because he is mentioned in the only record of that county, not burnt during the Civil War, as witness in a suit in 1768 and as having traveled 80 miles to attend Court.  His wife is supposed to have been named Martha ___, because of a deed of sale to his stepfather, Ed. Watkyns, in Culpeper county, signed by Philip Pendleton and wife Martha.  He is said to have had 15 children, five of whom were daughters, all married, according to the records in Judge Pendleton’s bible.  Of these five daughters, Mary, the oldest, married Col. Edmund Waller, second clerk of Spottsylvania.  Jemina married her first cousin, Richard Gaines, son of Isabella Pendleton and William Henry Gaines.  Martha married Massey Thomas, of Culpeper county, the other to are said to have been named Mildred and Judith, but their record is uncertain.  There was a son, Henry, as is proved by deed in Orange county, land left to him to go after his decease to his sister Mary Waller, recorded in 1742.  A great-granddaughter of Philip mentions sons of his: “John, Edmund, Philip, and I cannot remember all their names.”  Some of them probably moved West as did his daughter Martha.  His youngest son Micajah, lived and died in Amherst county; Philip died in 1778; his four children of whom we have record are as follows:

I. Mary married Col. Edmund Waller, 2nd Clerk of Spottsylvania, issue:


13 thoughts on “The Pendleton Family of Culpeper County, Virginia

    • Virginia,
      Thanks for visiting my family history site.
      Sadly, I don’t know if any Pendletons married any Sittons. My records don’t show any such unions, but my records are far from complete.
      Are you a Pendleton descendent?

  1. Dear Mr. Bright –

    My name is Jay Spurr and I live in Alexandria, VA. I am trying to trace the family of Major Nathaniel Pendleton’s wife, Susan Bard. He was b. 1756 d.1821 in Hyde Park, NY. His name is the same as my Grandfather’s, whose family was from Hyde Park.

    If you might know anything about her family or can turn me to any records, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks, Jay Spurr

  2. Thank you for posting my family history as well. My grandmother was Mary pearl Pendleton. Her father is William Augustan Pendleton. I believe Philip Pendleton 1704-1778 was her grandfather. Edmund Pendleton is reported to be a great, great, … Uncle. George Hunt Pendleton “Gus” is reported to be my 3rd cousin 5x removed. I am interested in carrying on the genealogy work of my father Charles Dennis Prather.

  3. Curt: If you’re interested and don’t already have it, I’d be happy to send you a PDF or .JPG of the Pendleton (Norwich) Coat of Arms, as well as a typed letter (from 1935) my great-grand uncle, Louis B. Pendleton wrote copying what he found in the British Museum. You might find them interesting to post on this page of your blog. I can also send you a photo of the signet ring bearing the Pendleton arms which I inherited through my 2nd great-grandfather, Philip Coleman Pendleton (1812 – 1869).

      • Dear Curt:  Here’s maybe MORE than you expected.  In addition to the letter from Louis Beauregard Pendleton and a 12MB rendering of the coat of arms, I’m also including a picture of my son, who was so gung-ho he had the coat of arms tattooed on his side!  Ouch.  You may choose not to include this excessive expression of familial pride in your blog.  LOL.

        Best regards,



      • Sure. But I wonder if the images are suppressed by the WordPress blog address. If you have an alternate email address I’ll try sending it outside the blog and then you can download them and post them to your website.

        I’ll stand by.


        (sent from my iOS device, so pardon any typos.)


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