A Letter from Ulrich Bucher, 1865

Ulrich Bucher (1816-1899) was the father of Mary Jane (Bucher) Buntz (1848-1915), who was the mother of Emma Helen (Buntz) Gilfillan (1887-1968), who was the mother of Clyda Colene (Gilfillan) Schmidt (1922-2010), who was the grandmother of Curt Bright. I have added spelling corrections in parentheses.

Curt Bright


June 17th , 1865

Dear Brothers and all the family, as it is raining this morning. I thought I wold (would) write a few lines to you to let you know how we are geting a long (along). We are all well but Lincoln ___ ___ on a fever. We had a hard time to move to Missouri. We got to Oregon on the 2 day of June and the Boys & Rung on the 10 of June, and all well and harty (hearty) and the Horses was very much run down. The ___ got good feed in Iowa. Corn was $1.25 cts, (cents) and not worth any thing at that and no hay, but we have plenty of feed heas now ___ from 55 to 65 cts a bushel and ots (oats) 50 cts. what (wheat) from one Dollar to $1.50. miat (meat) is from 14 to 18 cts ___ ___ farming tools is very high. A good prairie plow is $20 Dollars. I have Bouthe (bought) land 3 miles from Oregon ___ a ___ hundred and sixty Acres, 240 Acres of Prairie and 120 of timber 130 Acres in cultivation and 30 Acres fenced off in a paster (pasture) and 80 Acres of wild Prairie giving the farm ___ a good Spring ___ for $5000 Dollars and the I had to Buy out the man that had the farm Rented So as to get on it for $460 Dollars. 35 Acres of Corn. 27 Acres of millo and oats and Som (some) Potatos and Can (corn) and Onons (onions). ther (there) is a fine grove on it of ___ and cotton wood and a good House on it with 4 rumes (rooms) and a smal (small) Stable on it. we are not on it yet. we want to move next weke (week). farms Sell hear (here) from 20 to 25 to 30 Dollars per Acre.
I had good luk (luck) in Boinig (buying) Cheap. thar (there) is som (some) Begraching (begrudging) my good Bargan (bargain). the (they) Say my farm is One of the Best in the County.
thar is a good many good farms for Sale. Rung has not Bouth (bought) yet. the nearest to my timber is 2 miles. thar is Plenty of wild Prairie hear yet. for about 8 Dollars and ___ timber can be had at 8 Dollars per Acre. Ther is plenty of timber in this county. I will com (come) to a ___ close now.
the ___ loo wall (local?) good farmers have corn knee high.
So good Bay (goodbye) to you all and out Best Respect to you all.

Ulrich Bucher


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