Pleasant Murphy’s Will

Pleasant Murphy (1786-1863) was the father of Ann Maria Murphy (1822-1909), who was the mother of Ann Elizabeth Pendleton (1843-1928), who was the mother of Albert Gaines Gibson (1871-1922), who was the father of Idabel Amanda Gibson (1892-1983), who was the mother of Jeanette Anne Williams (1921-1968), who was the grandmother of Curt Bright.

Pleasant Murphy

In the name of God Amen. I Pleasant Murphy of the County of Bland State of Virginia, do make this my last will and Testament as follows to wit.

First-I commend (?) my body to Christian burial according to the rites of the Church of which I am a member and my soul to God who gave it in the hope of a joyful resurrection to an immortality of life in a World of Bliss.

I give my books to be equally divided among all my surviving children at the time of my death.

I give my daughter Elizabeth c. Murphy her choice of all my beds with a full complement of furniture.

All the balance and remainder of my perishable property I desire my executors hereinafter named to sell & to use the proceeds thereof pay whatever of my debts may remain unliquidated at my decease. If there should be any excess of the sale money over & above what pays my debts that excess I give to my daughter Elizabeth c. Murphy. I have heretofore given to my daughter Ann Maria Pendleton her equitable share of my land & property. My remaining lands I give to be equally divided among my three children Elizabeth C. Murphy, Ewell S. Murphy, and Virginia L. Hedrick subject to the condition however that they jointly pay to Zilla C. Hedrick the sum of $100 annually until the sum of $400 dollars is thus paid the first installment to be paid one year after my decease. Lastly I appoint Ewell S. Murphy & Peter E. Hedrick executors of this my last will and testament. Hereby revoking all others I declare this to be my last will and testament. In case Peter E. Hedrick should never return from the war it is my desire that his brother Adam Hedrick should qualify as executor in his stead.

Signed sealed & acknowledged
Pleasant Murphy
February 12th 1863

In the presence of
John A. Smith
John Brown

Virginia S A County Court for the County of Bland began and held at the Court House on Thursday the 12th day of November 1863 the Last Will of Pleasant Murphy, Decd. ??? private ?? ??? ???? by the ??? of John Smith and John Brown ???? ???? ??? ??? (cant’t make out the words on the photocopy where I have placed question marks)


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