A Poem about Charles and Rachel Bright

Charles and Rachel Bright were the parents of Clarence Bright (1882-1956), who was the father of Neil Bright (1919-2012), who was the grandfather of Curt Bright.

Our Grandparents

Charles Bright

by Edna Lytle Mercer

Too few has God given the privilege,
Of having Grandparents like ours.
It’s one of the things I am proudest of,
And have been since childhood hours.

Grandpa is such a fine, big man!
So calm, dignified and trim.
When I was a little youngster,
I was some times afraid of him.

Even now, of all the people,
I know and often see,
No one else seems half so wise,
As Grandpa Bright, seems to me.

Tho’ since I have come to know him,
And see him with grown up eyes:
I know he has had for we children,
A love, time will never disguise.

I smile when I think of Grandma,
and picture her dear sweet face,
Love just seems to surround her;
There’s no one can take her place.

Rachel Elizabeth Bright

She taught us to make willow baskets,
And so many pretty things,
Evenings she told Indian stories,
Or we would sit in the yard and sing.

It was Grandma who told we children,
Tales of the moon and stars,
and why God didn’t love little children,
When anger a sweet face mars.

Then we had to learn how to mend stockings,
My! The stitches we had to take out.
But she asked us so kindly to do it,
That our minding was never in doubt.

One day I dressed up in her clothing,
And marched down the stairs to see,
If I could make Grandpa believe,
That I, my Grandma, could be.

He looked at me over his glasses,
Then laid down the paper he read.
“At first I thought you were Grandma,
But you’re not so good looking,” he said.

I laughed and ran up the stairway,
Long dresses, little now meant.
I was in a great hurry,
To tell Grandma the compliment.

As a girl, she must have been lovely,
For just a few weeks ago,
A friend she knew back in her childhood,
Said, “Rachel was the prettiest girl I know.”

It wasn’t just good looking features,
Her loveliness, much deeper went.
It shows in her eyes and her smile,
And the kind of a life she has spent.

I hope I have learned from these dear ones,
To grow more patient, of life and its cares,
To be a little more thoughtful of others,
To make my life a little like theirs.

Written about Charles Bright and his wife, Rachel Elizabeth McDermed Bright of Stella, Nebraska. He was 6 feet and 4 inches tall, and she was four feet and 11 inches tall. They raised five daughters and four sons. He died at the age of 89, in 1931, and she died at the age of 98, in 1939.


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