Frank Timerman and Charles Bright

Frank Timerman (1858-1924) was the father of Minnie Elsie Timerman (1887-1938), who was the mother of Neil Bright (1919-2012), who was the grandfather of Curt Bright.

Charles Bright (1841-1931) was the father of Clarence Bright (1882-1956), who was the father of Neil Bright (191-2012), who was the grandfather of Curt Bright.

APRIL 1, 1901
Edited & Published by Mildred J. Cheney

Frank & Elvira (seated) Timerman

Frank Timerman

One of the most popular and energetic farmers in the vicinity of Stella is Frank Timerman, who owns a fine farm of 160 acres three and a half miles southeast of Stella. He was born in Henry county, Ill., Oct. 24, 1858, and came with his parents to Richardson county in the spring of 1869, settling on the farm now owned by him. Being the youngest son he was left to carry on the farm after his father became to old for active work, and until the latter died in 1899 at the age of 78 years, Frank and his wife cared for him. Since his father’s death Frank purchased the interest of the other heirs in the home farm. Frank Timerman was married to Miss Alvira Jones, of this township, Dec. 25, 1876, and they have five children – Lydia, wife of Chas. Noa; Lota, wife of Chas. Bright, and Amos, Minnie and Robert, at home. Mr. Timerman is a member of the A. O. U. W. order, and was road overseer in District No. 3 for five years until 1899, when he refused to serve longer.

Charles & Rachel Bright, August 1928

Charles Bright

Charles Bright has been a resident of Muddy precinct for thirty-two years and is a most successful farmer. He was born April 22, 1841 in Tazewell county, Ill., where he lived until he came here in 1869 and settled on his farm three and a half miles east of Stella. He has a well improved farm of 160 acres. He is an A. O. U. W. member and has served the public as a county supervisor. He married Miss Rachael McDermed, in Tazewell county, Ill., in 1861, and they have nine children – Laura, wife of Rank Lytle; Cora, wife of C. D. Evans; Amy, wife of J. G. Evans; Clara, wife of Wm. Steadman; Norman S., Chas. E., and Arthur L., all of this vicinity, and Mary and Clarence, both at home.



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