Carl T. Schmidt’s Name (line 4) on Ship Manifest

Ship Manifest showing Carl SchmidtCarl Theodore Schmidt (1884-1969) was the father of Harold Arthur Schmidt (1922-2011) who was the grandfather of Curt Bright.

This manifest shows Carl’s parents, Albert (line 2) and Aurelia (line 3), Carl’s brother Otto (line 5) and sister Rosianie (line 6). On line 7, there is an infant named Anna. I don’t have any other records of Anna, and my grandfather Harold Schmidt never mentioned her. I suspect she may have died very young.

Below is an illustration of the ship that carried Carl and his family to America. The Friesland was built by J. & G. Thomson Limited, Glasgow, Scotland, in 1889. She  was 6,409 gross tons; 450 (bp) feet long; 51 feet wide, with a steam triple expansion engine, and a single screw.  Service speed 13 knots.  928 passengers (226 first class, 102 second class, 600 third class). One funnel, four masts rigged for sail, steel hull.

Built for Red Star Line, British flag, in 1889 and named Friesland. Antwerp-New York service. Transferred to American Line, American flag, in 1903.

friesland Ship that brought Schmidts to USA


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