Blair Gibson Jr. Obituary

Blair Gibson JrBlair T. Gibson (1912-1999) is a bit of a mystery to me. I found his obituary in a box of newspaper clippings from my grandfather, Neil Bright.

Blair T. and my great-grandmother, Idabel Amanda (Gibson) Williams (1892-1983) were both born in Bristol, Tennessee. They were probably first cousins.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found Blair T. Gibson in any of my records yet.

I do have a record of Blair W. Gibson (born in 1874, in Missouri) who was the son of Idabel’s grandfather, Andrew Jackson Gibson (1845-1902).

According to my records, Blair W. was Idabel’s uncle. Even though I don’t have any records of Blair W. marrying or having any children, he could be the father of Blair T. (my records are far from complete)

However the obituary lists the father as “Blair Thompson Gibson Sr.”

So, here is the mystery. Are my records incorrect (which is possible) or did the writer of the obituary incorrectly assume that Blair T. Gibson Jr. shared his father’s middle name?

I hope to solve this mystery some day.

By the way, Idabel named her only son Blair.


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