Eugene Ray Gilfillan’s WWI Draft Card from 1917

Eugene Ray Gilfillan (1891-1973) was the father of Clyda Colene Gilfillan (1922-2010) who was the grandmother of Curt Bright.

I remember my grandmother Clyda saying that her father had served in the army, perhaps in Mexico.

This World War I draft card shows that Ray was a “sargent” for “about 14 months” in the Missouri Militia (4th Regiment Infantry). Ray claimed exemption from the draft on the grounds of “dependent and occupation” (farmer). Since he didn’t have any children in 1917, the dependent to whom he referred must have been his wife, Emma Helen (Buntz) Gilfillan.

The draft card also shows that Ray was “tall” and “slender” with “grey” eyes and “light brown” hair.

Eugene Ray Gilfillan draft card


3 thoughts on “Eugene Ray Gilfillan’s WWI Draft Card from 1917

  1. Somewhere in my dad’s (Norman E. Arnold) photo archives is a picture of my grandfather Ray’s unit serving in Mexico. There’s about six boxes of slides, negatives, and photos that I haven’t made it through yet. If I come across this one, I’ll let you know. I do remember this one hanging on the wall of their home near Dawson, NE and a handwritten note was at the bottom.

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