Ulrich Bucher, 1870 U.S. Census

Ulrich Bucher (1816-1899) was the father of Mary Jane Bucher (1848-1915) who was the mother of Emma Helen Buntz (1887-1968) who was the mother of Clyda Colene Gilfillan (1922-2010) who was the grandmother of Curt Bright.

Ulrich Bucher married Catharine Smith (1827-1876) on February 26, 1846, in Oregon, Holt County, Missouri. Together they had 22 children.

The oldest child listed in this 1870 census is Mary Jane (b. 1848). Following Mary Jane on the census is Louisa (b. 1849), Samuel (b. 1852), Jacob (b. 1852), Elizabeth (b. 1854), Silas (b. 1855), James Franklin (b. 1860), Kate (a.k.a. Catharine, b. 1861), Joseph (b. 1863), Edward (b. 1864) and Lydia (b. 1867).

Ulrich and Catharine’s first five children (born before Mary Jane) were not listed on the 1870 census. They were LudwigHenryJohn (b. 1846), Maria and Mary Eliza (both b. 1848). They may have already moved to their own homes or died before 1870.

Children younger than Mary Jane who do not appear on this census probably died before 1870. They include Sarah Ann (b. 1851), Carolina and William (both b. 1856), George (b. 1857), Simon Peter (b. 1859) and Albert (b. 1866).

The 1870 census shows that the Bucher children were born in Indiana, except for Lydia who was born in Missouri. Ulrich must have moved his family from Indiana to Missouri some time after Edward was born in 1864, but before Lydia was born in 1867.

1870 United States Census

1870 United States Census


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