Lieut. Henry Zimmerman (Timmerman)

Henry Zimmerman (changed to Timmerman after the American Revolution, 1738-1807) was the father of Jacob H. Timmerman (1775-1811),  who was the father of John J. Timmerman (1798-1835) ,who was the father of  Jacob Timmerman (1820-1900), who was the father of Frank Timmerman (1858-1924), who was the father of Minnie Timmerman (1887-1938), who was the mother of Neil Bright (1919-2012), who was the grandfather of Curt Bright.

The following was provided by Mrs. Kay Hughes.

In his book, “The 18th Century Zimmerman Family of the Mohawk Valley,” David K. Martin very ably told all that is known about Lieut. Henry Timmerman, but since that book is no longer available, the following is a brief summary.

Henry was the son of the Palatine German immigrant Jacob Zimmerman and his wife Margaretha Schutz, who was born in Germany about 3 November 1693 (date of her baptism). There is no definite date of birth for Jacob, but it probably was about 1690 or 1691; he died in 1739.

Lieut. Henry (usually referred to as such to distinguish him from his son and nephew of the same name) was born about 30 December 1737, probably at what is now St. Johnsville in Montgomery County, New York. At that time the name was still Zimmerman, but after the Revolution most of the family changed to the Anglicized spelling of Timmerman. He died 18 May 1807, aged 69 years, 4 months and 18 days, and was buried in the Snells Bush Reformed Church Cemetery not far from his home.

Henry was a farmer and a soldier. By 1758, he had settled on land in what is now the Town of Manheim in Herkimer County, N.Y. – part of the 1755 Snell-Zimmerman patent (or deed) of 3,600 acres. During the Revolution, he served as Ensign (2nd Lieutenant) and as Lieutenant. On 6 August 1777, he participated in the battle of  Oriskany (near Rome, N.Y.) where he was seriously wounded in the left side.

He was married twice – first to Catharine Fox, who died about 1768, and then to Margaret Bellinger, who was born 3 September 1752, daughter of Frederick and Anna Rosina Walrath Bellinger. She died 9 July 1815, and was buried in Snells Bush Reformed Church Cemetery with her husband.

As stated in Henry’s death record, he had 19 children – 7 boys and 12 girls – of whom 15 were living at the time of his death. His daughter Dorothy had died two year before her father. Those children are listed in detail in David K. Martin’s book and are briefly enumerated below.

By Catharine Fox:

  • A son perhaps born about 1762, but could have been by the 2nd wife in 1780 or 1791; deceased by 1807 and probably died in infancy.
  • Margretha born 29 August 1764, deceased by 7 September 1764, when baptized posthumously. (SAR)
  • Margaret, b 1 March 1766 (SAR)
  • Anna, b probably about 1767 (baptismal sponsors)Catherine, b in 1768 (died in 1854, aged 86)

By Margaret Bellinger:

  • Henry H., b 9 November 1769 (SAR)
  • Adam H., b 1 February 1771 (SAR)
  • Elizabeth, b 22 June 1772 (Lt. Henry’s bible)
  • Dorothy, b 16 October 1773 (bible)
  • Jacob H., b 19 January 1775 (bible)
  • Anna Rosina, b 27 October 1776 (inferred)
  • Mary Ann, b about 1777 or 1778 (d in 1856 in her 79th yr.)
  • John, H., b 13 March 1782 (bible)
  • Anna Eva, b 10 July 1784 (bible)
  • Frederick, b 19 April 1786 (GFR)
  • Magdalena, baptized 16 September 1788 (SJR)
  • Gertrude, b 15 March 1790 (SJR)
  • Peter, baptized 3 March 1793, deceased by 1807 (SJR)
  • Delilah or Delia, b 20 October 1794 (bible)

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