William Curtis Lambert

William Curtis “Curt” Lambert (1865-1931) was the brother of Sarah Ellen “Ella” Lambert (1870-1952) who was the mother of William Curtis Lambert “Curt” Williams (1892-1945) who was the father of Jeanette Anne Williams (1921-1968) who was the grandmother of Curt Bright.

William Curtis "Curt" Lambert (standing)

William Curtis “Curt” Lambert (standing)


A Record of Settlement, Organization, Progress and Achievement



(pages 7-8)


William Curtis Lambert, corporation counsel of Omaha and since June, connected with the municipality in its legal department, was born February 1865, in Nemaha county, Nebraska, in the little town of Hillsdale, which is extinct. His paternal grandfather, Edward Lambert, a native of Virginia, a large slave owner of that state. William Merritt Lambert, the father, was born in Franklin county, Virginia, in 1831, and during the greater part of his life devoted his attention to agricultural pursuits. In early manhood he wedded Matilda Long at Blue Springs, Nebraska, and for a considerable period they resided in Nemaha county, this state, where the father passed away in 1907 and where the mother still makes her home.

Curt Lambert

Curt Lambert

After acquainting himself with preliminary branches of learning in the court schools of his native county William C. Lambert entered the scientific department of the Western Normal College at Shenandoah, Iowa, from which he graduated with the class of 1891. Determining upon the practice of law as his life work, he later matriculated in the State University at Lincoln, Nebraska, and was graduated with the class of 1894. He then opened an office in South Omaha and during his residence there served for three terms as city attorney and one term as fire and police commissioner. In 1910 he took up his abode in Omaha where he has since engaged his practice, and his high order of legal ability has been drawn upon for the city’s benefit. In June 1911, he was appointed the first assistant city attorney of Omaha and in that office was the principle factor in charge of the gas rate case and the electric light franchise litigation at the United States circuit court of appeals and in the United States supreme court. In 1915 he was appointed corporation counsel, which position he is now filling and at the same time he continues in the private practice of law to some extent as senior partner in the firm Lambert, Shotwell & Shotwell. He as always voted with the democratic party and when elected to office it has been as a representative of that political organization, but he never allows political connection to thwart the ends of justice or interfere in the slightest degree with the faithful performance of his official duties.

Sue Lambert

Sue Lambert

On the 24th of Decemeber, 1903, Mr. Lambert was married in South Omaha to Miss Sue Condron, a daughter of David S. Condron, who was a soldier of the Civil war, enlisting from Iowa. Socially Mr. and Mrs. Lambert are prominent and they have an extensive circle of friends in Omaha. His entire life has been passed in Nebraska and the spirit of western enterprise find expression in his professional career and in the discharge of his public duties as well.


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