The William Akers Family of England, Virginia and Kentucky

William Akers (abt. 1645-abt. 1702) was the father of William Akers II (abt. 1683- abt. 1751) who was the father of William Akers III (before 1706-1751) was the father of William E. Akers IV (about 1731-1834) who was the father of Daniel Akers (about 1779-1840) who was the father of Sarah Akers (about 1810-1865) who was the mother of Amanda J. Lambert (1831-1908) who was the mother of Caroline Virginia Broce (1863-1938) who was the mother of Idabel Amanda Gibson (1892-1983) who was the mother of Jeanette Anne Williams (1921-1968) who was the grandmother of Curt Bright. 

The William Akers Family of England, Virginia and Kentucky

(Generations 1 – 4)

1. William Akers, Sr. was born before 1645 in England (1), Source 5 states about 1640 for birth (5), and died about February 1701/02 in Essex Co., Virginia (1), Source 4 states about August 1702 in Essex Co., Virginia (4). He married Katherine (MNU) in Virginia (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). She was born before February 1657/58 (1), source 4 has her birth as about 1650 (4) and source 5 has her birth between 1650 and 1658 (5). She died before February 1701/02 (1) as she is not listed in his will.


William Akers, Sr.’s “wife was Katherine who preceded him in death. He died in 1702 after Rappahannock Co VA was split into Richmond Co and Essex Co. Besides William II he and Katherine had a daughter Ann”(1).

“In Feb. 1665 he received a land grant of 595 acres from Governor Berkely  in  Rappahannock Co. VA  for transporting twelve persons to the colony. This would indicate his birth date was probably before 1645, probably in England” (1)

“Will was probated in the Essex Co VA court on 10 Aug 1702 and recorded in Will Book 10 on page 118. Named in the will are son William, daughter Anne (Smith) and granddaughter Elizabeth Smith. The will was witnessed by Hannah Ratliff, Jno Lamore and Jame Boughan and proven by the latter two” (1). – Will of William Akers written: 24 February 1702, probated 10 August 1702. (Essex County Virginia Deeds, Wills, etc.  Book 10 (1699 – 1702) Page 118.

Katherine’s name was determined from the power of attorney to Thomas Gaines on February 3, 1679 in Essex Co., Virginia (Deed Book 6, pg. 99).

2. i. William Akers, II
3. ii. Ann Akers

Generation 2

2. William Akers, II (William) was born before 1683 in Virginia (1) and died before 1751 (1). He married Ann (MNU) before April 10, 1706 (1). Source 5 states about 1698 in Virginia for the marriage date (5). She was born about 1675 in Virginia (4, 5).


“William Akers II is the son mentioned in the will of William I, where he was prohibited from inheriting land until he had legitimate offspring. He was married to Anne and was dead by 1751″(1).

Birth date constructed based on the fact William witnessed the will of John Bougham on 2 Jan 1697 and of Alexander Durham on 8 Jan 1697. Minimum age for witnesses at that time was fourteen years. (1)

William Akers III signed an affiavit in 1751 in Cumberland Co. VA stating that his grandfather, William I, and his father, William II, were deceased. Therefore William Akers, II died before 1751. (1)

98 acres of inherited land on main swamp of Piscataway Creek to James Bougham, Jr., for 2000 pounds tobacco. Adjoins Acres  (Akers’) Spring Branch and Brown’s Swamp.Recorded in Essex Co. VA Deed book 10, page 216-217. Ann’s name from Dower rights relinquished and recorded 10 April 1706 in conjunction with sale of 98 acres on Piscataway Swamp to James Bougham, Jr. This also proves that the marriage occurred before April 10, 1706 and they had at least one legitimate heir as William Akers, II was not able to claim his inherited land until he had one as stated in his father’s will.

4. i. William Akers, III 

3. Ann Akers (William) was born before 1690 in Rappahannock Co., Virginia (1), probably about 1677 in Virginia (4, 5) and died after August 1702 (1) as she is mentioned in her father’s will. She married ? Smith before February 1701/02 in Rappahannock Co., Virginia (1).

5. i. Elizabeth Smith

Generation 3

4. William Akers, III (William, William, William) was born before 1706 (1, 3), probably after February 1702 (2) and died after 1751 (1, 2, 3). Source 5 has his death as being about 1790 in Montgomery Co., Virginia (5). Earl Akers lists his death as about 1796 in Buckingham Co., Virginia (1).. He married Susannah Blackburn about 1730 in Buckingham Co., Virginina (4, 5). She was the daughter of William Blackburn and Elizabeth Tye. She was born about 1712 (1, 2, 3) and died about 1808 (2, 3). The Church of Jesus Christ Latterday Saints has her death as being about 1790 in Virginia (4, 5). Earl Akers has her death as being about 1801 in Buckingham Co., Virginia (1).


“William Akers III is the son of William Akers II, husband of Susannah Blackburn, father of Blackburn Akers, Sr., William E. Akers IV and John Akers. They lived in the portion of Albemarle Co VA which eventually became Buckingham Co VA and he died there in the late 1790s” (1)

Signed Power of attorney on 12 Apr 1751 in Cumberland Co VA stating that both his grandfather, William Akers I and his father, William Akers II, were deceased. (Cumberland Co VA Deed book 1, page 324)

The will of William Akers I signed 24 Feb 1702 precluded his son, William II, from having clear title to inherited land unless he had legitimate offspring. William II sold 98 acres to James Bougham, Jr. on 10 Apr 1706, establishing the birth of William III as being between those dates.

The Buckingham Co VA personal property tax roll for 1796 lists “estate of William Akers.”

He is on the Southam Parish, Goochland County VA list as are his brothers-in-law, John, William and Lambeth Blackburn and John Mossum.

for 175 acres on the North branch of the Willis River bounded by the land of William Blackburn. This land later became part of Buckingham Co.

6. i. Blackburn Akers, Sr.
7. ii. William E. Akers, III
8. iii. John Akers

5. Elizabeth Smith (Ann Akers, William, William) was born before 1702 (1, 2)

Generation 4 (continued on separate individual pages)

6. Blackburn Akers, Sr. (b. abt. 1731 – d. abt. 1799)

7. William E. Akers, III (b. abt. 1731)

8. John Akers (b. abt. 1730 – d. 1808)


MNU – Maiden name unknown


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