Aurelia Kohlbecker’s parents: Bonifaz Kohlbecker and Caecilia Jung

Aurelia Kohlbecker (1861-????) was the mother of Carl Theodore Schmidt (1884-1969) who was the father of Harold Arthur Schmidt (1922-2011) who was the grandfather of Curt Bright

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According to “Germany Births and Baptisms 1558-1898,” Aurelia Kohlbecker gave birth to Carl Theodor on October 8, 1884, in Katholisch, Rotenfels, Baden-Baden.

Aurelia’s parents are listed as Bonifaz Kohlbecker and Caecilia Jung. This is exciting for me because it’s the first document I’ve seen that identifies Aurelia’s parents.

Carl’s birth record does not include his father or paternal grandparents, which leads me to suspect that Carl was born out of wedlock, and that Aurelia married Albert S. Schmidt after Carl was born.

A different record from the “Germany Births and Baptisms 1558-1898” lists Aurelia’s birth as May 19, 1861, in Katholisch, Rotenfels, Baden, Baden. This is the first documentation I’ve seen of Aurelia’s birth, so I am excited to find it.

About Aurelia’s birthplace…

Rotenfels (translation “red rock”) is a subdivision of the Baden-Baden district of the southeast German town Gaggenau, which is almost 1,000 years old. Aurelia would have been 12-years old when the town experienced an industrial boom with the establishment of the Michael Flürscheims Ironworks in 1873.  The factory built the 5-hp automobile Orient Express and entered the new industry of automobile manufacture. About 70% of the town was destroyed during WWII, when the US Air Force twice bombed the automobile complex.

Additional records from “Germany Births and Baptisms 1558-1898” include 11 other children of Bonifaz and Caecilia who were born in Rotenfels, Baden Baden.

Helena Kohlbecker, born Nov 9, 1862

Adolph Kohlbecker, born  September 21, 1867

Anna Kohlbecker, born March 27, 1865: died December 25, 1865

Maria Victoria, born April 2, 1853; died July 2, 1890

Anna Kohlbecker, born October 31, 1868

Ferdinand Kohlbecker, born August 2, 1866; died January 21, 1926

Franz Kohlbecker, born January 31, 1864

Adolph Kohlbecker, born June 16, 1871; died December 16, 1871

Amalia Kohlbecker, born October 17, 1857

Theresia Kohlbecker, born August 16, 1856; died March 22, 1926

Sebastian Kohlbecker, born June 13, 1855

This is a screen grab from

This is a screen grab from


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