String Beans make holiday song available to benefit charity

JEFF KORBELIK Lincoln Journal Star   Jan 5, 2017

The String Beans are selling snowflakes this holiday season to benefit charity.


Daniel Christian (left), Curt Bright and Bret Welstead are the String Beans, who have made their holiday song, “Snowflakes,” available as a single download to benefit the Child Advocacy Center.

Not the kind that flurry and accumulate, but rather “Snowflakes,” a holiday song the local band is making available as a single, digital download, with all the money raised from sales going to the Child Advocacy Center.

“We admire the work they do for children in our community,” String Beans founder and guitarist Curt Bright said. “They help children and families at incredibly difficult times. We hope that our little song will increase awareness of the services the CAC offers and encourage others to support this organization.”

In October, the String Beans, known for kid-friendly music and performances, released its 10th album, “Good Night, Good Knight,” a collection of original lullabies and silly bedtime songs.

One of the songs recorded for the album was an a cappella version of “Snowflakes,” a song from its 2006 Christmas album.

“We really liked the song, but it didn’t fit with the other bedtime songs on the album,” said Bright, who makes up the String Beans with Daniel Christian on drums and vocals and Bret Welstead on bass guitar, ukulele and vocals. “We decided to hold onto it to see if it fit somewhere better elsewhere.”

Christian suggested making it a downloadable single, followed by Welstead’s idea to donate money raised from the downloads to charity. They then called the Child Advocacy Center to gauge its interest.

“They knew who were were, thankfully,” Bright said with a laugh. “So it wasn’t too hard to sell them on the idea. They were tickled to death.”

The center loved the idea.

“A lot of the women in our organization have kids and know the String Beans well,” Child Advocacy Center development director Paige Piper said. “So when we sent out our intention internally to the staff, everybody was just thrilled and absolutely excited. We are so grateful they selected our organization.”

The song is available for $1 at People also can get to the song from the String Beans’ Facebook page, and buyers can donate more than $1 if they desire.

“This is the first we’ve ever tried a fundraiser like this, and we have no idea what to expect,” Bright said. “We might raise $1,000, or we might raise $10. Who knows? No matter what the final total is, we’ve enjoyed the entire experience.”

Bright said the String Beans are considering making it an annual holiday tradition.

“And maybe we could get other musicians involved and turn it into a ‘We Are the World’ kind of thing some day,” he said. “You never know what it could turn into.”

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