About This Blog

Curt Bright working on the family history blog, January 2012


Like most amateur genealogists, I am interested in learning more about my ancestors, and sharing what little I know with other family-researchers. That’s why I’ve created this blog. For me, this blog is a type of time machine. It only goes back in time, and it only follows the path of my ancestors. But it’s a pretty interesting ride. I hope you’ll use it to take a trip into the past and learn how people lived and worked and enjoyed life.

I need your help to make this site more informative, interesting and accurate.  Please let me know when you find mistakes or omissions. (you’ll find plenty) And I am always looking for more family photos, news articles, wills, poems, and other documents to fill out the branches of my tree.

You’ll notice that in most of the genealogy reports and family trees I have omitted living relatives out of respect for individual privacy. If you are alive (check your pulse if you’re not sure) and would like to be included in this blog, please let me know.

Feel free to post new additions to our family here, or email your old family photos, newspaper articles and historic documents to me at curtbright@gmail.com




2 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. Hello Curt,
    I think my great great great grandfather was George Washington Broce. He was the brother of your relative Caroline Virginia Broce.

    My great great grandmother was Nellie Broce born in 1883. The census of 1890 for Sullivan County, Tennessee was destroyed by fire and she married before the 1900 census. Nellie and her husband and some of their children are buried near the Paperville community.

    My family live in Bristol and I grew up there and visit often. I wonder where you received your information on the Broce family (Internet, family members or both).
    I notice many of your relatives are originally from Southwest Virginia (Tazewell, Russell, Washington, Bland counties). If you need any help with these family members, let me know. I have been going to the local genealogy centers in Washington County, VA; Sullivan County, TN and Bristol (when I go to visit my family).
    Yours truly,

  2. Hi Curt,
    I don’t see on your Bright family tree that you are connected to my Bright family from Nebraska. However, you look exactly like my male Bright cousins here in California. My grandparents with their children, left Ord, NE in 1923: They wre Bernice Pawleska and Leonard E, Bright born in 1887. His father was William R. Bright born 1847. With your striking resemblance to my family members we must be related somehow!
    Kind regards,

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